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Upcycled jeans skirt

Every year or so I buy myself a new pair of jeans. Then I proceed to wear them almost every day of fall/winter/spring. Then they are trashed. Too trashed to go to a thrift store. But, I'm still not comfortable throwing that much material away.

So, when my 2011 jeans blew out, I went looking for a way to repurpose them. I'm not a fan of jean shorts (although they look great on you!), nor do I care for denim handbags (but yours is really cute). Some of the other projects I found online were downright lame. Then I found this skirt. It looked fairly easy to make and might even be something I'd wear.

I cut the legs of my pants, sewed them to the crotch...and viola! A new skirt. I've worn it once and the jury is still out. I'm not sure I totally love it, but at least I can donate it to the thrift store now.

A little wrinkled, but you get the idea.

A few more years and I'll have a whole closet full of these. Any other ideas for old jeans?

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