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Have you checked out my review page? I just posted about some super cute kids' shoes....

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How to throw a birthday party for a dog

Yesterday was Diesel's birthday. He turned eight.

Anders and I made him this cake. Yes, there is a whole website for exchanging dog treat recipes. Probably more than one.

We all gathered for a party in the yard and made Diesel stand next to his cake without eating it. Aren't we a fun party crew?

Mmmm... pink cottage cheese frosting.

So delicious.

All the canine invitees enjoyed a slice.

I was hoping to capture his stained pink dog-lips, but all I got was this adorable photo.

Happy birthday, Diesel Rudyard Harrison!

Tangential sidenote: When Diesel and I started living together, I realized he didn't have a middle name *gasp* so I insisted on suggested "Rudyard." It's both fancy and the name of a Montana town.

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Belgrade splash park

When it gets hot (you know, above 80 degrees F) we need to cool off. The splash park in Belgrade, Mont. was just the ticket last week. (Park details below.)

Figuring the place out.

Finn takes over the cannon.

Watch out! You don't have to be big when you have a big water gun.

Anders running through the spider web.

"Don't take my picture!"

Photo by Finn.

More Beta

Getting there: The splash park is in Lewis and Clark Park, right near the Central Valley Fire District Hall. West of the airport on the frontage road, at the east end of Belgrade.

Additional features:

* sheltered picnic tables
* barbeque grills
* playground
* restrooms

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Finn likes to ride his bicycle

...he likes to ride his bike. And I may have sneaked in some footage of my perennial bed.

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Bozeman Beach

We finally got around to taking a beach vacation. It was just a day trip, but still a vacation. And it wasn't really a beach, since a beach is attached to an ocean or at least a sea. This sand is attached to a lake.

The boys and I spent the Fourth of July playing in the sand and splashing in the water at the Bozeman Beach in the Gallatin Recreation Area. (Details for getting there are below the photos.)

This is the perfect spot for little kids. There is plenty of sand to dig and the water is shallow a long way out. While we watched people canoeing and floating around on innertubes, I read my book and the boys wore themselves out having fun.

The pictures I took of the boys were so cute, I couldn't decide which ones to post, so I posted them all. aha ha ha ha....

More Beta

Getting there: Drive north on 7th St, cross over the highway, turn right on Griffin, left on Manely Rd. and right at the signed entrance to the East Gallatin Recreation Area.

Dogs are not allowed anywhere in the park or lake.

Additional Park Features

* Shelter
* Potable Water
* Restrooms
* Picnic Tables (reserve the pavilion through the Bozeman Parks Dept.)
* Sand Beach
* Volleyball Pits
* Climbing Boulder
* Trails

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